Oxfam GB Plone "mini conference"

Oxfam GB is holding a one day Plone "mini conference" at the end of May, Aimed specifically at NGO's and charities. it will be a day of talks, tutorials, and indepth discussions, into how the Plone Content Management System can beleveraged to best effect for the NGO sector.


Intended for both marketers, and developers, we will be covering areas such as:

  • CMS Selection - what does Plone have to offer ?
  • What is the Plone Community. and how does it work ?
  • A hands on demo of building a live site in Plone
  • How to migrate your existing flat Html site into Plone
  • How to integrate the Google search tool into Plone

When: 25th May

Where: Oxford, (Oxfam HQ)