New book: Handbook for authors and editors

A new book is available for pre-order: Content management with Plone - Handbook for authors and editors

Did you ever want to provide the users of your Plone site with easy-to-understand but comprehensible handbook that covers all of the features Plone has?

The new book about Plone is made especially for authors and editors. Not for programmers and not for administrators.

It includes:

  • A comprehensive tutorial
  • The basics of Plone
  • Explanation of all content types
  • Members, roles and groups
  • Working with content
  • Using the publication workflow
  • Using the visual editor
  • ... and more

You can download a PDF with two example chapters and the full table of contents now from:

The "Handbook for Authors and Editors" is available for pre-order now and will be shipped to you on April 1st. If you pre-order your book before April 1st, it will be shipped to you at no cost, wherever you are. Go to now and pre-order your copy of "Content management with Plone" now.