NCDAE Webcast - Accessibility and the Open Source Content Management

NCDAE is please to offer a Webcast on this important topic in the hopes that it will shed light on accessibility efforts in this open source movement.

The webcast last approximately one hour and feature Alexander Limi. It is available at the NCDAE Webcasts page, and offered in Windows Media and Quicktime formats. Transcripts will be available soon.

The panel discuss the strengths and limitations of accessibility in the open source movement and look to the future of these tools with accessibility in mind. Those interested in selecting content management systems or those involved in development within the open source movement will find this webcast interesting.

The NCDAE would like those interested in management systems to visit the developing fact sheet on the Content Management Systems & Accessibility page and invites visitors to ask questions or leave comments, links, workarounds, and or other resources that may be useful. The fact sheet page topics currently include:

  • Guidelines for Choosing a CMS
  • Open Source and Commercial Tools (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Techniques to Improve CMS Accessibility
  • Resources for Popular Content Management Systems
  • Increasing Accessibility through Procurement Policy

The Web Standards Project also comments about this webcast.