EuroPython 2006 Call for Papers, Deadline May 31

Web frameworks track is still looking for speakers and talks.

EuroPython 2006 is coming up soon, and this year we have a special twist.  To promote sharing and learning between Python web frameworks, and to flat out have more fun, the Zope track was merged into a larger Python web frameworks track.

Highlights so far for the track:

  • Keynote by Kevin Dangoor, creator of TurboGears, on the state of sharing in Python web frameworks
  • Talks on Zope, Django, TurboGears, MoinMoin, and more
  • Initial planning on a Python web framework "bakeoff" session

Want to submit a talk ?  We'd love to hear from you.  If you're interested, visit the talk proposal page before May 31.

Remember, the better you write your abstract, the more likely you'll get selected.