The Archipelago Sprint, sponsorship and Plone 3.0

The Archipelago Sprint in Norway is getting closer, and it promises to be an exciting and productive meeting of the minds that power Plone.

The main focus for the sprint is starting the implementation work for the user interface enhancements (and infrastructure) going into the "upcoming Plone 3.0":/products/plone/roadmap#3.0 release. Notable features in this version is the AJAXification of the Plone UI, making Plone more lightweight and faster - and overall improvements to the user experience. **Please sponsor the sprint!** We are in a situation where we'd like some financial assistance getting two of the core Plone developers to the sprint. Since this is Plone's most important release so far, it would be nice to have all the involved developers at the sprint. Unfortunately, two of the core developers can't make it unless we are able to sponsor their plane tickets from the US to Norway. If you want to do something important for Plone 3.0 - look into sponsoring the developers with money for plane tickets. Please contact "The sprint team" if you're interested, and we'll work something out. We will be displaying your company logos on the sprint page for the start of the most anticipated release of Plone yet. It's one of the most valuable contribution you can make to the development of Plone 3.0. On behalf of the Plone Team, – Alexander Limi