Viking Laws & Plone Development

Found on the streets of Oslo/Norway. Sounds like a useful set of rules for open-source software development as well, don't they?

Be Brave and Aggressive - Be direct - Grab all opportunities - Use varying methods of attack - Be versatile and agile - Attack one target at a time - Don't plan everything in detail - Use top quality weapons Be Prepared - Keep weapons in good condition - Keep in shape - Find good battle comrades - Agree on important points - Choose *one* chief Be a Good Merchant - Find out what the market needs - Don't promise what you can't keep - Don't demand overpayment - Arrange things so that you can return Keep the Camp in Order - Keep things tidy and organized - Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group - Make sure everybody does useful work - Consult all members of the group for advice — Stefan Holek, "Jarn":