Plone passes the 100.000 download mark

Last week, Plone passed one hundred thousand downloads from our local download servers.

Plone 2.0.4 Released

Plone 2.0.4 has been released. This is an incremental release that contains some UI improvements, some bug fixes and some improved security.

Archetypes 1.3.0 RC 2 released

The Archetypes development crew proudly presents: Archetypes 1.3.0 RC 2

BrightStor Document Manager r11.2 Beta

The leading corporate-backed open source Document and Content Management software just got better! BrightStor Document Manager r11.2, with Plone at its core, is now opened for Beta.

MozPython embeds the Python interpreter in Mozilla.

Now you can execute Python scripts in Mozilla.

Zope/Plone Chinese Forum (Zope/Plone中文社区)

We're happy to announce the creation of http://zope.cn/ - the Chinese Zope/ Plone Forum, a Chinese-language user forum and discussion mailing list for those that are interested in Zope and Plone.

Plone4Artists - use Plone to build an artists community portal

Plone4Artists is an initiative to assemble a Plone package including features commonly required for artist community websites. The target audience is artists and musicians who want to build a community portal site where they can showcase their work and network with like-minded artists.

launch of the ICT Program’s Arabic website

launch of the ICT Program’s Arabic website

Getfrank reimplements the Strategic Rail Authority's website in Plone

Getfrank have helped the Strategic Rail Authority's (SRA) Press team take control of website content publishing using the leading open source content management system, Plone.

Plone Tips in ZopeMag Weekly News 25

In ZopeMag Weekly News' 25th Edition we once again bring you the latest Zope and Plone News as well as tips mined from the Plone and Zope Mailinglists.

Kupu 1.0.3 released

It is our pleasure to announce the release of Kupu 1.0.3. As of now, the in-browser WYSIWYG editor formerly known as epozNG has a new name: Kupu! Even though it was never the intention, the Epoz WYSIWYG editor development had split in 2 branches, confusing both developers and users. Hopefully the new name settles this confusion.

eWeek Review compliments Plone

March 29 issue of eWeek contains article entitled 'Site-building tools offer low-cost options' which rates Plone 2.0 very high

First Plone Site in Esperanto

On April the 12th, one year after its founding, the esperanto internet site Libera Folio was relaunched. Libera Folio means 'Free Page' and it is an independant news magazine, which critically reports on the worldwide Esperanto Movement.

The Definitive Guide to Plone Published

Andy McKay has finally published the long awaited "Definitive Guide to Plone."

ArchGenXML 1.0 Released

The UML-to-Archetypes Generator ArchGenXML is released in it's first final version 1.0. Bored of copy and paste or typing code skeletons? ArchGenXML is the cure.

Archetypes 1.3.1 final released

The Archetypes development team presents a bug-fix release: Archetypes 1.3.1.

Archetypes 1.3.0 final released

The Archetypes development team proudly presents Archetypes 1.3.0.

"Building Websites with Plone" book available

"Building Websites with Plone", a new Plone book, has been published and is now available.

Brazilian Government Consolidates Zope/Plone platform

Serpro is the most prominent IT solution provider for the Brazilian Government. Created in the 1960s, SERPRO is responsible for all IT services within the Ministry of Finance and key information systems for the federal government. SERPRO is now using Zope and Plone as their primary portal construction tool for Government Web Content Management Solutions.

Plone Bug Weekend, in preparation for Jello

The release date approaches, and we need to get up to speed with testing

Bug Day for RC4, Tuesday, January 20

We're having a bug day to help get 2.0 RC4 out the door. Read more to find out how you can help!

Zope/Python Users Group in Washington, DC Re-formed

After a hiatus, a new group for Python, Zope, and Plone programmers inDC is forming. Our goal is to network and further educate ourselves onprogramming in Python. While not exclusively for Zope or Plonedevelopers, we expect there to be a focus for these technologies.

Viking Laws & Plone Development

Found on the streets of Oslo/Norway. Sounds like a useful set of rules for open-source software development as well, don't they?

Foundation: Plone Trademark Policy available

The Plone Foundation Board have voted on the Trademark Usage Policies for the Plone trademark.