upgrade is upgraded without users seeing any interruption in service

*9:50 AM Jan. 21, 2004* - was upgraded to the latest and greatest. The best part? While the system was being updated there was no downtime! It took about 10 minutes total to upgrade the software. **Now running:** - "Python 2.3.3": - "Zope 2.7 RC1": - "Plone 2.0 CVS": or what will become Plone 2.0 RC4 Hopefully we can document our SQUID configuration (we have moved away from apache) and our ZEO configuration. Its pretty straightforward. But 'caching' is a art form and requires understanding by those configuring it. We are also setting up remote ZEO clients for to distribute the load. If all goes well before the Sprint we should have 3 or 4 ZEO nodes running around the world. It should be a fun experiment.