PowerPlone becomes IngeniHosting

In order to comply to the Plone trademark usage rules, Ingeniweb decides to change the name of its hosting service.

"Ingeniweb":http://www.ingeniweb.com has pro-actively decided to change the name of its hosting service. After a constructive discussion with the Plone Trademark Commitee (lead by Alexander Limi), we have decided to change the name of the service. "We wanted to be in line with the proper way to use the Plone name. Thanks to the "trademark commitee":http://www.zopezen.org/Members/andy/news_item.2004-08-31.2535072051, we have taken this decision based on conclusions about Plone name usage. We are very proud to act this way and to be a example to others. Service name is now "INGENIHOSTING":http://www.ingenihosting.com , branded after IngeniWeb name" said Jean-René Vidaud, CEO of Ingeniweb. Plone trademark rules has a fair usage section which allows user groups, open source products and other usage beneficial to the Plone community without any special permissions. See you in "Vienna":http://plone.org/events/conferences/2 ;) Olivier DECKMYN.