After 36 hours of downtime the Emergency Plone Response team got the system back running. is currently hosted at They emailed us saying that they would be "moving the server" so that we could remotely powercycle the machine. 10 hours after the machine went offline for the move they told us it would not boot. System would kernel panic; it seemed like someone upgraded the box and it could not find the old kernel modules. so, we got a new drive put on the box and Kapil, Justin and myself worked all of Saturday and got the system back up and running. Subversion, Squid, Zope, etc. most services are running. Computer Associates was kind enough to offer us a server to host on. They will provide us a very nice server, usage of their backup software and lots of monitoring utilities. So we are approaching them and hopefully will move the server there sooner than later. NOTE: That this box has been ready for our usage for many months. Its been difficult to get everyone on the same page and ensure that we will have support from CA when we need it. Their admins have been nothing but fantastic. Its difficult to maintain - we are always looking for volunteers. "Plone Website mailing list": Thanks, Alan Runyan "Plone Team":/about/team