Plone 2.0 tarball available

Plone 2.0 is available in tarball form, with the official release happening next week.

*(Please do not submit this to any news sites before next week, as we want to have the installers available before we do the proper announcement. This release is for people that need a tarball for deployment)* We've cut the release that is going to be packaged as Plone 2.0 final, and you can "get it here": if you want to install manually. Official release with installers and PR is coming in the beginning of next week. Remember to check out the "errata": for known issues before you report any problems. A "migration guide from Plone 1.x":/documentation/migration/2.0 is available, as well as a "what's new in Plone 2.0":/documentation/whatsnew/2.0 document. Have fun, we look forward to getting the installers and packages out next week. "Plone 2.0 tarball": Enjoy your weekend! -- Alexander Limi, "Plone Solutions":