Plone 2.0 RC5 is available (updated)

A new Release Candidate of Plone 2.0 is ready, this time with a lot of migration fixes.

*Update: RC4 had some bad language files and a minor CSS bug, and a permission issue with Zope 2.7 has been resolved, so we issued a quick update with RC5, please use this for testing.* Please help test the release on your development servers (and make sure that you have a backup first). We are especially interested in feedback from people migrating from 1.0.x releases. "Grab the RC5 tarball": - install it along with "CMF 1.4.2": - and go to your ZMI and choose 'migrate' in the 'portal_migrations' tool. A dry run is probably a good idea the first time you test it. Post any bugs remaining in "the Collector":/collector - but please don't post errors related to customized skins, as these are impossible to migrate automatically, and will require some manual template work, depending on how much you have customized. Also see the "Plone 2 Migration Guide":