Plone gets paid Release Manager

Plone Solutions is happy to announce sponsored release management for Plone.

After a period where the community have been dealing with the release management, Plone has now started to require extra efforts on this part, and require a dedicated and salaried release manager. This job is now the responsibility of Stefan Holek (lurker), the guy who practically wrote the book on Zope and Plone Unit Testing, tirelessly writing unit tests and getting out the whip when people commit bad code. ;) "Plone Solutions": sponsors this release management for the community, and would like to extend an extra special thank you to the earlier release managers, Andy McKay and Sidnei da Silva. They will both continue to help out with release management and assist Stefan when they are able. Expect to see an improved roadmap and schedule soon, starting with the Plone 2.1 release. -- Alexander Limi, "Plone Solutions":