Plone 2.0.5 Release Candidate available

After a successful bug-fixing day earlier last month, lots of small issues with the 2.0.4 release were attended to.

Plone 2.0.5 has seen extensive bug fixes, and is a solid release focusing on fixing all the small, annoying bugs. In addition, it has received some tweaking to make it work better with Google's indexing methods, and also has better support for the historical AM/PM way of keeping time. Maybe we will support feet and inches in the CSS declarations in the next version. ;) Please test this Release Candidate on your development servers, and give us feedback in the "Collector":/collector if you find any bugs. The RC period is planned to last about one week, then 2.0.5 final will be released. Plone 2.0.5 is planned as the last release in the 2.0.x series (unless any security problems are discovered), and focus will now shift to the upcoming Plone 2.1 release. "Download the 2.0.5 Release Candidate from Sourceforge": - Windows and Mac OS X installers will follow shortly. On behalf of the Plone Team, -- Alexander Limi Plone 2.0.5 - Backed Up Willie - RC1 - Released November 22, 2004 - Fixed it so the .error class no longer causes compression of items in forms. [limi] - Fixed - Cancel in password_form redirected to the wrong page. Thanks to Varun for the patch. [stefan] - Fixed - Cancel in personalize_form redirected to the wrong page. Thanks to Varun for the patch. [stefan] - Fixed - Interchanged 'Edit' and 'Sharing' tab on folder. Thanks to Vamsi for the patch. [jladage] - Made prefs_error_log_form a tad safer in the face of weird upgrade issues. Also see [stefan] - Changed localLongTimeFormat to '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M'. Note: there is no migration, only new sites will be affected. [stefan] - Fixed - Lines properties may still be lists if an old ZODB is upraded to newer Zopes. Catching such a case in migrations. Thanks to Xenru for the patch. [stefan] - Fixed - The "Send this page to somebody" feature now uses the URL of the object including the view template. This avoids nasty login interactions when sending links to protected content. [stefan] [dreamcatcher] - Made the column style sheet only apply to Screen, not Print/Presentation/ Handheld. [limi] - Massively simplified the print style sheet, should work much better in all browsers now. [limi] - Moved ploneCustom to be the last of the CSS declarations, so you can easily do Print/Presentation/Handheld customizations in the ploneCustom.css now. [limi] - Fixed Presentation stryle sheet to not show the site actions. [limi] - More Google tweaking. Factored out the page title to a separate script and switched the order of the elements. [limi] [tesdal] - Did a few things to improve the Google ranking of all Plone sites: Put all the style sheet declarations inside HTML comments, so Google doesn't try to interpret them as text, and removed the non-working meta links for author and copyright (scheduled for 2.1). Also changed the rel link for up to not show up if you are at the portal root. [limi] - Plone was not showing the correct language in the header for an object, it was always using the site default, even if you had specified language on an object. Fixed. **NOTE:** This is a change to main_template, so if you have customized, you will probably want to copy in lines 8-9 from the new main_template. [limi] [tesdal] - Caught additional IndexError/SyntaxError exceptions on to fix the case where a non-autogenerated-id starts with a valid portal_type name. [dtremea] - Added i18n markup to Now those 'Small, Normal, Large Text' site actions can be translated. [dtremea] - Changed imagePatch to use hasattr(aq_base(ob)...) and then getattr(ob, ...) in order to fix a problem with Archetypes ImageField which have a ComputedAttribute for title/alt. ComputedAttributes don't get computed on the absence of an acquisition wrapper. [dreamcatcher] - Fixed - queryCatalog script ignored 'sort_limit' argument. Thanks to kaib for the patch! [stefan] - Fixed - folder rename gave wrong error message. Thanks to Varun for the patch! [stefan] - Greatly improved the handling of DateTimeErrors in event_edit_form and metadata_edit_form + validators. No more traceback on Feb 31! [stefan] - Fixed - the CMF does not allow to register with a user name that equals the name of a content object on the acquisition path. Provide a sane error message until this is resolved in CMF. [rohrer] - Fixed - new SetupWidgets can now work without cut/pasting the existing code, and use inheritance instead. Thanks to jccooper for the fix! [limi] - Implemented AM/PM support for the datetime-picker widget. Now, if your site_properties/localLongTimeFormat property contains the '%p' format specifier, the widget will display 12 hours and an additional AM/PM dropdown. Resolves Thanks to alecm for the patch. [stefan] - Fixed - because of acquisition, a user's name can not be the same as the portal name - this is now caught in the user registration validation instead of giving an error message. Thanks to kuru for the patch! [limi] - Fixed - Folders have "Properties" instead of "Edit" as title for the edit form. [jladage] - Fixed - folder_localrole_form role assignment pulldowns should be multiple select. Thanks to teix. [dtremea] - Fixed - Misc political incorrectness for msgid 'help_search_keywords'. [dtremea] - Fixed - Swedish translation in search page translates "by" into "efter". [dtremea] - Fixed issues, and French translation errors. [dtremea] - Fixed - accessibility headers for the document actions were missing. [limi] - Removed the Add to Favorites icon from the breadcrumbs, since it is already in the document actions area. Favorites still suck, but will hopefully get some love in 2.1. ;) [limi] - 'prefs_user_details' is now a Controller Page Template, and has better validation. Don't forget to re-customize if you have customized the old, non-cpt version. [geoffd] - Fixed - tableless skin wasn't updated to the new header structure, causing the site actions to be positioned wrongly. This is an update to main_template for the people using tableless, please update your sites accordingly. Full explanation in the URL above. [limi] - Fixed - the section class was missing from the tableless skin. [limi] - Fixed - there is now an unRegisterPloneFunction in the plone_javascripts that allows you to unregister an onload event. Thanks to acamargo for the patch! [limi] - Fixed - Same issue as before, but for Images this time. Thanks to Varun for the patch. [stefan] - Fixed - Uploading a File with a bad name, without specifying an id in the form, caused validators to complain about 'id' instead of 'file'. This was especially bad as the current file_edit form does not show the 'id' field at all :-P [stefan] - Fixed a usability bug where clicking the "Add default document" button would only generate a blank Document with the ID index_html - it now sends you to the edit form of said document instead. [limi] - Fixed - Modified .metadata files to make FormController do something appropriate when someone submits a for using the return key in IE. [geoffd] - Fixed - Did a big makeover of that fixes a lot of permissions problems. Objects are now created after traversal so their owner and creator are set correctly. Parent folder permissions are copied to the TempFolder in which temporary objects are created, so temp object creation should behave the same way as regular object creation. ExternalMethods and scripts called with relative links are handed off to during traversal, so mapply headaches don't occur anymore. doCreate method now checks for and calls if present an object method called 'manage_afterPortalFactoryCreate' so any extra post-instantiation initialization can take place. [geoffd] - Fixed - Images in folder_contents and navtree have wrong paths in VirtualHosted sites. It worked anyway because of acquisition, but is correct now. Thanks to mjm for the patch. [limi] - Fixed - you can now declare portlets on a template. Thanks to acamargo for the patch. [limi] - Fixed - now assembles the transaction note before performing the transaction. Thanks to raphael (Ritz?). [stefan] - Fixed - review portlet was not showing ID for items without Title. Thanks to Sjors for the patch. [limi] - Fixed - changed to accomodate postback of a submitted id in the case where validation fails on the first edit of a newly created content object. Thanks to zenwryly. [stefan] - Fixed - you can now declare portlets on a template. Thanks to acamargo for the patch. [limi] - Fixed - review portlet was not showing ID for items without Title. Thanks to Sjors for the patch. [limi] - Fixed Description was used with 'structure' in some templates, notably and folder_listing. Note that Dublin Core defines this element as plain text. If your site relies on the old behavior refer to the patch in the collector issue. Patch by mathie, thanks. [stefan] - Fixed News items displayed "Read More" link even if there was nothing more to read. Thanks to mathie for the patch. [stefan] - Fixed - review portlet was not showing ID for items without Title. Thanks to Sjors for the patch. [limi] - Fixed Search terms "and", "or", and "not" are no longer highlighted in documents. [rohrer] - Made RegistrationTool reuse the EMAIL_RE regex from PloneTool instead of duplicating it. [stefan] - Fixed Email address validation failed for upper-case characters. [rohrer] - Added border-collapse to the columns, so pixel/bitmap layouts that depend on the columns having 0 margin will work automatically. This is cleaner than the cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" HTML approach that people seem to use. Fixes [limi] - Fixed HTML escape codes in password for special characters in registered_notify_template ( [jladage] - Polished up the datetime-picker widget. Now provides default values for month ('01') and day ('01'). Also new is the option to unset a date by deselecting the year ('----'). Fixes [stefan] - Made it so that headlines can't be obscured by the document action icons anymore. [limi] - Made the check_id script work in the presence of incomplete Plone sites and missing permissions. [stefan] - Fixed ownership on objects created by portal_factory. The changes to portal_factory in 2.0.4 fix problems with mapply, but they mess up object ownership and potentially have side effects if an object tries to look up its owner during initialization. The pre-2.0.4 portal_factory breaks Epoz; the 2.0.4 portal_factory breaks PloneHelpCenter. The current fix should enable both to work. The Right Way to fix this would be to perform object construction in a post-traversal hook (pre-2.0.4 object construction happened at publication time; 2.0.4 constructs during traversal), but that means abandoning support for Zope 2.6.x. [geoffd] - Added title attribute to links in action menus. [gotcha] - Fixed transaction_notes overflowing struct size in ZODB. Also made there be 1 entry point into transaction_note instead of stray in PloneTool. Publishing hundreds of thousands of items would cause the trnx.description string to get larger than 65535 which would cause FileStorage to fail on _notify [runyaga]