Plone 2.0 Release Candidate 6 released

Release Candidate 6 of Plone 2.0 is ready.

Today the Plone Team has released Plone 2.0 Release Candidate 6. This release is the one that will end up being Plone 2.0 final release unless we find very serious bugs in it. There has been a lot of improvements, of particular mention is massive speedups to the GroupUserFolder, it's now 3-4 times faster than it was in previous versions in typical use cases. The team has done an amazing job the last few weeks, and there are quite a few code heroes this time around. For those interested, there is a "change log": that details the changes. Upgrading from an earlier version The upgrade process is the same as usual: - Shut down your site (you can also do a zero-downtime upgrade with ZEO, but if you are using that, you know how to do it ;) - **Back up your site** - Replace the directories in your Products dir with the corresponding directories in the tarball/zip you have downloaded - Go to http://yoursite/manage - Go to 'portal_migrations' - Click the 'Migration' tab - Click 'Migrate' You should now have an upgraded site. If you are upgrading from Plone 1.0, you should definitely read the "Migration documentation": Installers Installers for Windows/Mac OS X will follow shortly, packaging formats for Linux/BSD too. Download The tarball "is available here": - installers will be announced as they become available. -- Alexander Limi, on behalf of **The Plone Team**