Plone 2.0 RC3 installer for Mac OS X

Mac OS X users: The Plone 2.0 RC3 installer is now available for download.

Download Plone 2.0 RC3 now

This installer package was made using Apple's PackageMaker, and installs using the standard Apple Installer

The Plone 2.0 RC3 for Mac OS X package for Mac OS X 10.2 and higher includes Zope 2.7.0b3, Python 2.3.2, and all of the core Products needed to run Plone. The installer creates a Zope instance with a Plone site, a user account for running Zope with, and installs a StartupItem bundle so that Plone starts automatically when you system boots.

The included ReadMe file contains complete instructions for getting started, as well as change notes.

This installer can be used to upgrade an installation made with the Plone 2.0 RC2 installer. Your existing Plone sites will not be touched and will continue to use Zope 2.6.2 and Python 2.2.3. You can use the /Applications/Plone2/Tools/newsite command to create a new Plone 2.0 RC3 Plone site.


Jim Roepcke, Tyrell Software