Plone 2.0.3 Released

Plone 2.0.3 has been released. This release features improved email security following in the wake of Plone 2.0.2. This upgrade has minor changes and is recommended.

After Plone 2.0.2 a review of some of the other places that email could be sent from was undertaken. This included a look at CMF. A new release of the CMF, version 1.4.4 was made as a result. This release includes CMF 1.4.4 and also some other improvements of email security. Plone 2.0.3 - Noname - Login portlet wasn't using the 'label' tag, corrected. - Added id="portlet-related" in the Related portlet (was missing), and renamed 'portlet-recent-items' to 'portlet-recent' to make the name consistent with the other portlets. [limi] - Hardened any send mail sending utilities and readying CMF 1.4.4. [andym] - Fixed a small bug in plone_javascripts.js that prevents the highlight of the search term in simple searchs. [azy]