New Plone Documentation Section Preview

The new PloneHelpCenter-based documentation center for Plone is now open for preview.

To help organize our documentation, the Plone Documentation Team has been building a new documentation section based around the PloneHelpCenter product (available in the Collective). This new documentation section will replace the existing wiki-based documentation, and offers many improvements: * Content has been modernized, cleaned-up, and trimmed. * New documentation-specific content types like Howtos, FAQs, Tutorials, etc., make it easier to write and maintain documentation. * Any logged in user can comment on a piece of documentation, and the original author/owner will receive a notification email, prompting them to incorporate or address these comments. * Documentation can be edited by the entire documentation team, and marked as obsolete. * Documentation must go through a review by the documentation team before being published. Hopefully, this will be a very helpful step in ensuring that the documentation is accurate and appropriate. * Documentation can now be searched and listed by categories, importance, and relevant Plone versions. * Even though we've made the URLs shorter and less "WikiLike", all existing links should still work, thanks to the miracle of the PloneRedirectionTool. At this time, we've converted all of the existing documentation from the old section over, and edited/cleaned-up about 75% of it. We still have about 25% to go through, and will be finishing this up this week. At the end of this period, we'll archive the old documentation section, and move the new documentation section to its place. Until this work is done, there will be some documentation that is in the old section but not yet approved (and therefore visible) in the new section. For now, though, come and check out our work! The new documentation section is at: "":/documentation Thanks to everyone on the documentation team for all the hard work! PS: One note: authorship identity for some old documentation was lost during the Plone 1 -> Plone 2 conversion (unrelated to this documentation move). If you're the author of a piece of documentation, but see it owned by someone else (likely Alan, Alex, or me), please let us know, and we'll change the ownership back to you, so you can maintain and improve your doc.