Big step forward for Objectis

Objectis is proud to announce the availability of Plone 2 accounts and the Hebrew version.

"Objectis": is a free Zope and Plone hosting service. Plone 2 accounts by default Since last week, new Plone accounts on Objectis are using Plone 2 by default. After several weeks of work, the permission issue which was blocking the availability of Plone 2 on Objectis has finally been solved, thanks to Phil Auersperg and Jérôme Sandarnaud. :) For now on, it is still possible to create Plone 1 accounts, by manually changing the account type upon registration. Besides, no automatic migration will be performed on existing accounts: users wishing to upgrade are required to create a new account. Objectis available in Hebrew Thanks to the work of Ofer Weisglass, the Hebrew version of Objectis is available "here": The project documents, Zope and Plone references, FAQ and support are now available in this language. Let's use this news to thank again Sergey Badamshin (Russian version), Hans Peter Neumeier / Georg "Gogo" Bernhard / Thorsten Kampe (German version), Junyong Pan (chineese version) and Arnaud Vautey (Spanish version) for their contribution. History The Objectis project was born in early 2003 as an attempt to promote Zope by offering free web hosting services. The goals of Objectis were similar to those of the "FreeZope": project. After several months of initial setup, a first version was available, offering the service in multiple languages, with automatic registration, sub-domain hosting, and Plone accounts. It was opened to the public on October 3, 2003, in French and English. Russian was added right away, and available on October 30. One month after the opening, the service was supporting nearly 200 visits per day. Nowadays, Objectis hosts nearly 2,600 accounts, 1,700 of which are using Plone 1. Visit rates rise daily, with currently 2,300 visits per day on user accounts. The service is now available in German, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese. Arabic and Portugese are on their way. Complete history on "this page": Credits Objectis is brought to you by "Blue Dynamics": and "Pilot Systems": Jérôme Sandarnaud is the project leader, most of his spare time is dedicated to supporting Objectis users. Thanks! "David Sapiro" Long life to the naked kangaroos!