BIENE Award in Bronze for Plone based Site

On Friday night the 'Aktion Mensch' (german: action humans) and 'Stiftung Digitale Chancen' (german: donation digital chances) honor the Plone based site 'Ernä' ( with a bronze BIENE-Award 2004 in the category culture and society.

The BIENE-Award is surely the most important award for accessible websites in germany, austria and switzerland.

More than 230 enterprises, organizations and federations had offers their sites. Approximately 100 of them went through in the past months fine tests, in which the general requirements at accessibility were analyzed, based on an extensive test catalog. This catalog is just more detailed then the WCAG 1 with all AAA criteria. (The testing catalog can be found here).
Afterwards 30 applicants were proofed by humans with different handicaps in intensive practice tests. 23 of the submitted sites got a place on the shortlist in one of the five categories.

The customized Plone site 'Ernä' got a bronze BIENE-Award in the category culture and society. Together in this category 3 bronze and a silver honor were assigned.

At the end of January the entire test results of the four-month test procedure will be send to the site owner. This result will be pubished here.

More Information

More informations can be found here:

BIENE: Accessible internet opens new insights - in german: Barrierefreies Internet eröffnet neue Einsichten