GRUF 3.0 released

GRUF 3.0 is out ! This new version brings a lot of API enhancement, along with far better test cases. So, this version is simpler to use for the programmer, and safer to use for end users. And, the cherry on the cake, this version brings a far better LDAP support, especially for large LDAP directories for user searching and listing.

Link Here is the link to GRUF 3.0 on Sourceforge. What's new ? * **New API**, easier to understand and to use (and well-documented in an interface). * Complete **LDAPUserFolder** integration, including user creation and user modification. * Complete **LDAPUserFolder** integration for **groups**, including group creation and modification! * Far better **test case**, with more than... 220 tests, including LDAP tests ! * Better **Plone** interfacing - this will require Plone 2.1 to work with Plone's management panels. What's the future ? This version is not fully compatible with Plone2.0 anymore because of the API changes. So the next step is to integrate GRUF3 into Plone's next version (namely 2.1). A working branch is already available on SVN: 'pjgrizel-gruf3-branch'. You can patch your Plone2 against this branch if necessary, but this won't be supported! Then, GRUF 3.1, which we plan to release this summer, will include **local roles blacklisting**!