Mother of all Bug Days

In preparation for the upcoming Plone 2.1 and 2.0.x releases, it's bug killing time again! Join us and help out making the next releases be the best yet!

The current release manager Stefan Holek has along with Dorneles Treméa and yours truly sorted, categorized, closed and rejected about 350 bugs in preparation for this bug day, and they are all lined up in nice categories, ready to be fixed. So, Friday the 22nd of October we will arrange the Mother of all Bug Days. At the time of writing there are 54 issues for 2.0.x, and 289 issues for 2.1. A lot of these are related, and you can easily fix 4-5 bugs at a time by looking into one of them. Additionally, a lot of them have patches attached, and just need verification and testing. Here are the different categories of bugs: Quick Searches Critical bugs2.0.x bugs2.1 bugsBugs with patchesNo target version
Team bugs: DeveloperUIDocumentationi18nReleaseWebsite So mark off the date in your calendar, cancel your cable TV subscription and drop that holiday - and join us in #plone on on Friday the 22nd of October - all day and most likely into the weekend. You can also use the "online IRC applet":/documentation/chat to participate in the bug day. -- Alexander Limi