Kupu 1.1 released!

The Kupu developer team is proud to announce the 1.1 release of Kupu. This release provides a number of new features as well as a lot of bugfixes. Highlights for Zope users/developers are Silva and Plone integration and some bugfixes.

What is Kupu? Kupu is a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor that works on both Mozilla and Internet Explorer based browsers. It allows editing a web-page from the application serving it rather then in a seperate application. Key features are extensibility and clean code, but it tries to also provide a good user experience by using a different approach for certain standard things, for instance it's *document-centric* rather then *data-centric*, meaning that (in the default setup) one edits a full page rather than part of a form (note that it *can* be used as a 'textarea' replacement as well) and it uses PUT request (also optional) whenever possible to give the user the impression he's working in a *real* application rather then on some web page. Kupu is released under a BSD-style license. What's new? Changes from 1.1b2-1.1: * Added a new SourceEdit tool, replacing the old function (thanks to Damian Gajda). * Added *definition list* support to the core distribution (template). * Moved the *drawers* out of the core distribution since they're not bugfree when used from the filesystem. Highlights from 1.0.3-1.1: * Added a new Selection object that provides a high-level cross-browser API for working with selections. * Added a templating system for the HTML files. This makes producing HTML a bit harder but allows you to change a feature in one place for all the HTML files (so no copy/pasting of HTML is required anymore). * Added a unit test suite (ecmaunit, see http://kupu.oscom.org for more details) and some unit tests. * A new feature called *drawers* has landed. Drawers are some form of in-page windows that provide functionality as the *toolboxes* do (so adding images and links, for instance), they provide an alternative for situations where there's little real-estate. Some special drawers got written (*library drawers*) that use XSLT to transform XML from the server to content (works on any server that can produce XML). * Added support for Silva, Silva 1.0 will ship with Kupu 1.1. * Added Plone support. * Buttons are now stateful, meaning they look different when the cursor is inside an element they control (so when inside a bold piece of text, the button looks *pressed in*). * There are now access keys defined for all the buttons in the toolbar. * A *lot* of bugfixes... Especially IE 5.5 has had some extra attention. We don't expect all bugs are gone now, but stability has improved a lot since the 1.0.3 release (and a lot more even since 1.0). Where can I find it? You can download the release here: "Kupu 1.1":http://kupu.oscom.org/download/kupu11.html Thanks to: We would like to thank the people from Infrae, ETH and Oscom, and Holger Krekel, Damian Gajda, Jan Smith, Felicia Wong for the logo, Eric Casteleijn for the name and Torvald de Boskat for ethical support. We hope you enjoy Kupu For questions, remarks or information, check the homepage for a list of possible channels to get in touch. We have an IRC channel on 'irc.freenode.net' (#kupu), a mailinglist and an issue tracker, and we're very prepared to help you out. Additional developers are always welcome. Cheers, Guido Wesdorp, the Kupu team