New French Plone book available

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new Zope/Plone book by the french editor Eyrolles.

This is the second edition of our thin book featuring CMF and Plone, and is part of the editor's successful collection "Les cahiers du programmeur".

Many of you already know the authors, who are part of the Ingeniweb team : Olivier Deckmyn, Pierre-Julien Grizel, Maik Röder and Kamon Ayeva (myself). Also, there is a foreword by Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan. Thanks to them and the whole "never sleeping" community contributing to Plone.

This version features a corporate intranet case study and covers all aspects that integrators and new developers need to understand in order to build a Plone 2-based website : ZPT and Plone's CSS, Workflows, plain CMF or Archetypes-based content types, configuration for production and scalability, etc.

Here is the french TOC :

  • La gestion de contenu avec Zope et Plone
  • Présentation de l'étude de cas
  • Installation de Zope et de Plone
  • Configuration de Plone
  • Les workflows
  • Types de contenu
  • Mise en production
  • Montée en charge
  • A. Zope Pages Templates
  • B. L'API de Plone
  • C. Aide-mémoire Archetypes

Find more information on the book at Eyrolles, or through Amazon.