Submit your Plone talks to Europython

Europython is approaching fast. The conference has been and will be an excellent opportunity for all of us to share information, present new products and developments as well as bring your own expertise or knowledge to the frontline of the community.

Plone presence will be strong again this year - especially if all of YOU want it to make so. Submit good talks via the "EuroPython": website and make sure that Europython 2004 will once again be an informative and illuminating event for all of us. There are still a few days left to submit talks, so act now. Submitting talks is easy, just register to the site and follow instructions. If you've done interesting things with Plone, here's where to show it off. The conference is held in Gothenburg, Sweden - probably the most beautiful place in Europe during the summer - and most of the Plone and Zope (not to mention Python) luminaries will be there. And did I mention that the conference is just 70 euros for speakers, compared to 220 euros for normal visitors? :) "Register now!":