Bug Day for RC4, Tuesday, January 20

We're having a bug day to help get 2.0 RC4 out the door. Read more to find out how you can help!

We are coordinating on IRC on the #plone channel on the server 'irc.freenode.net'. 'geoffd', 'runyaga', and 'limi' are the ones to ask if you need collector permissions etc. We have lots of minor i18n bugs to fix, so if you are an i18n guru, please join us! You'll get to fix lots of bug fixes with minimal effort! Where should you start? For setup instructions, see "earlier announcement":/newsitems/bugday-dec-2003 of the bug day. If you're a Plone Team developer, or have good Python/HTML/CSS skills -- Start with the "list of critical issues":http://plone.org/collector/collector_contents?searching=yep&SearchableText=&status%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=Pending&importances%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=critical&target_versions%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=2.0 If you have i18n knowledge -- jmce has submitted a TON of i18n bug reports. These should be easy to fix and will clean up our i18n considerably. "These are all fair game":http://plone.org/collector/collector_contents?searching=yep&SearchableText=&status%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=Pending&Creator%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=jmce&topics%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=Internationalization If you're a Plone newbie, but would like to help out anyway -- Help test and verify bugs that are of uncertain validity "from this list":http://plone.org/collector/collector_contents?searching=yep&SearchableText=test&status%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=Pending&target_versions%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=2.0 And don't forget to help out "classifying the undecided bugs":http://plone.org/collector/collector_contents?searching=yep&SearchableText=&status%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=Pending&target_versions%3Alist%3Aignore_empty=Undecided - this requires Collector access, which we will give you. This task requires a certain overview on what's going on in the Plone world, but little technical skill.