ArchGenXML 1.0 Released

The UML-to-Archetypes Generator ArchGenXML is released in it's first final version 1.0. Bored of copy and paste or typing code skeletons? ArchGenXML is the cure.

ArchGenXML (short: AGX) is released now. With ArchGenXML you can create complete working Archetypes Products - Plone Content Types - without writing one line Python code. Design your types with an UML-Tool and just generate them.

ArchGenXML is a commandline utility that generates Plone applications (products) based on the Archetypes framework from UML models using XMI (.xmi, .zargo, .zuml) files. Design your Archetypes model-driven using a UML design tool like Poseidon, ArgoUML or ObjectDomain. Save/Export the UML to XMI and generate Python code, copy it to your Products folder, restart Zope, activate it via Quick-Installer. Now this new Product is available in the "new item" menu in the Plone user-interface.

At the moment, the tool is not round-trip enabled. Generated code can't be back-converted into XMI. But you can re-generate over existing code: Method bodies containing additional logic are kept. Download ArchGenXML from "": "Documentation": is right here on available.

Thanks to Phil Auersperg who wrote a great product for lazy programmers! -- Jens Klein