The Definitive Guide to Plone Published

Andy McKay has finally published the long awaited "Definitive Guide to Plone."

The Definitive Guide to Plone is the authoritative, unique guide to Plone, describing everything from installing Plone (on OSX, Windows, and Linux) to writing code for the system. The book, part of the Apress library of Python programming and content management tools, and written by Andy McKay, a member of Plone's core development team, emphasizes the customization of Plone, and shows how to fully-integrate Plone into an existing Web site and application. If you want to adopt Plone for some or all of its features, this is the book to pick up and learn by.

Andy McKay is a principal of the windows-centric Plone software firm, Enfold Systems, LLC which is focused on richer integration of Windows components with Plone. Andy also runs ZopeZen and maintains the Plone Windows installer as well as serving as Plone's release manager.