Kupu 1.0.3 released

It is our pleasure to announce the release of Kupu 1.0.3. As of now, the in-browser WYSIWYG editor formerly known as epozNG has a new name: Kupu! Even though it was never the intention, the Epoz WYSIWYG editor development had split in 2 branches, confusing both developers and users. Hopefully the new name settles this confusion.

What is Kupu? Kupu is a client-side JavaScript What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. It works in both Mozilla and Internet Explorer based browsers (including Netscape 7) and produces well-formed XHTML. Kupu is object oriented and designed to be customizable and extendable. The Past Last year, a small team of developers started working on a full rewrite of the Epoz product written by Maik Jablonski, with the objective to provide a WYSIWYG editor for Infrae's document management system Silva ["http://www.infrae.com/products/silva":http://www.infrae.com/products/silva]. Maik wasn't interested in continuing development of his version and didn't join the team in the rewrite, but he was fine with the team using the name. However, consequent bugfixes and enhancements, mostly coming from Plone ["http://plone.org":http://plone.org], still went into the old Epoz, leaving us with two actively developed versions. This led to much confusion. In January 2004, Michael Wechner, president of OSCOM (Open Source Content Management) ["http://oscom.org":http://oscom.org] proposed to make epozNG an official OSCOM project. This proposal was welcomed by the development team. As part of the move to OSCOM, it was agreed to change epozNG's name to end the confusion, and to change the license from ZPL to something less Zope-specific, BSD. After two months of brainstorming and endless name suggestions, the team finally decided. Thanks to Eric Casteleijn for "Kupu". Kupu is Maori and means "word, statement, remark". The Present A new name, a new license, a new website ["http://kupu.oscom.org":http://kupu.oscom.org], and it's time for a new release. Since epozNG left off at 1.0.2, the first Kupu release is 1.0.3. It's not a major release, mainly containing small bugfixes, but it's a milestone. The Future The future of Kupu seems bright. Currently it provides a host of features for a WYSIWYG editor, and works in both IE and Mozilla based browsers. We intend to continue in that direction. The Kupu developers focus on standards and high quality code as well as new technologies. We plan to steadily improve Kupu, and bring it to maturity without losing its clean design and comprehensible codebase. Thanks to - Michael Wechner and OSCOM for providing a new home - Holger Krekel and Codespeak for the invaluable support - Infrae for support - The guys at ETH Zürich for inspiration - Eric for "Kupu" - Manos Batsis for Sarissa and for letting us distribute it under the Kupu License - Henri Bergius for setting us up with http://kupu.oscom.org - Jan Smith for testing and finding bugs On behalf of the Kupu Contributors, Guido Wesdorp, Philipp von Weitershausen, Paul Everitt