Getfrank reimplements the Strategic Rail Authority's website in Plone

Getfrank have helped the Strategic Rail Authority's (SRA) Press team take control of website content publishing using the leading open source content management system, Plone.

Seb Potter, Getfrank's Lead Developer said "the SRA needed an end-to-end content management solution that would allow their Communications team to communicate with the public, press and industry without the involvement of an outside agency. We've surpassed their expectations by delivering a system that provides complete control of online publishing using their existing Microsoft Office tools.

In choosing Plone and providing enhancements for the SRA, we're making life easier for Communications professionals to publish documents on the web."

The SRA website recieves over 1 million hits per month. By combining Plone with Apache, mod_proxy and caching, Getfrank have been able to deliver a solution which under load testing has scaled to three orders of magnitude beyond current loads.

Our thanks to the Plone team for a great platform.