Plone4Artists - use Plone to build an artists community portal

Plone4Artists is an initiative to assemble a Plone package including features commonly required for artist community websites. The target audience is artists and musicians who want to build a community portal site where they can showcase their work and network with like-minded artists.

Plone4Artists aims to offer artist/musician communities a portal that works out-of-the-box and which can be modified as they wish. Plone is ideally positioned to provide such a portal framework because it is open source and already has a rich array of add-on modules. Project description Read the "full project description": to see the proposed products to be further developed and included in the package. Want to help out? Please add your name to the list of participants, if you are interested in helping out with the project. Alternatively, you can email me: **nate (at)** Demo See a demo of a "musician community website": built using Plone. This site is a work-in-progress, so please check back frequently as it will be updated regularly.