Plone 2.0.4 Released

Plone 2.0.4 has been released. This is an incremental release that contains some UI improvements, some bug fixes and some improved security.

This release includes CMF 1.4.7 which contains the security fix for copy and paste. You'll also get some UI improvements to the navigation tree and the site actions. This release is Zope 2.7.2 compatible, but it's not required. The next release will require Zope 2.7.x and Python 2.3, so upgrade soon. Download from the usual place: "": (Please note that if your site has heavily customized main_templates or navigation_templates, you may need to edit these to work with the changes to the siteactions and navigation slot skins and CSS. This will also affect users of products which ship modified plone.css or main_template skin files, such as ColorZSkin.) The changes are simple, the search box, site actions and logo have switched places. Look in the new main_template for the correct order, and update your main_template accordingly if you have customized it. There is also CSS to turn the navigation back to the old format included, if you should want that. Look in the HISTORY.txt file for details. Plone 2.0.4 - Warp - Released August 13, 2004 - Fixed Results of are no longer translated in [stefan] - Fixed hide the portal_siteactions from the print stylesheet [bmh] - Added a break statement to the javascript for checking link protocols [bmh] - Fixed and related. Plone calendar got confused when "datetime-format international" was set in zope.conf. [stefan] - login_form broke with Zope 2.7.2 because of stricter XHMTL parsing. [stefan] - Fixed came_from testing when there is a query string ( [geoffd] - Corrected some margins and padding, the content views and headline was very asymmetrical. Thanks to Brent for notifying me about this. She blinded me with science! ;) [limi] - check_id script now rejects ids that are also catalog indices. [geoffd] - Fixed portal_factory passthrough problem reported in Also portal_factory now logs exceptions during object creation (some were being swallowed higher up) (fix for [geoffd] - Added enableHTTPCompression script and enabled HTTP compression for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. [tiran] - Fixed and related issues. Metadata elements like description and keywords (subject) could not be cleared. [stefan] - Backported fixes for from the trunk. folder_paste should return better error messages. [stefan] - Merged fixes from tiran-plip30 branch. Changed PloneGenerator and MembershipTool.createMemberarea() to always use portal-aware factory methods for creating content. Prerequesite for future integration with ATContentTypes. [tiran] - Changed the visual rendering of the nav tree. It now uses CSS instead of fixed values wherever possible. [limi] If you want the old look back, put the following in your ploneCustom.css:: .currentNavItem, #portlet-navigation-tree a:hover { background-color: transparent; border: &dtml-borderWidth; &dtml-borderStyle; &dtml-backgroundColor;; } .currentNavItem { font-weight: bold; color: &dtml-fontColor;; } - Nav tree now displays Description for its items as a tooltip. [limi] - Changed the behaviour of the site-wide actions (currently only used for text size) - so if you use or have a custom variant of this, you will need to re-customize this part. It was just too broken to not require template modification. It changed position in main_template, and produces more sane HTML now. Site actions have IDs now too. [limi] - Changed the search box behaviour too - it shouldn't be absolutely positioned. If you have customized, you will need to move the main_template invocation of the search box, plus re-do the CSS, if any. Sanity was needed, sorry for the invonvenience. [limi] - Added 'navtreeItem' and 'navLevelX' classes to the navigation tree, so it's possible to do funky stuff using only CSS to customizing the nav tree - for example make the only the top-level folders have bold text and dividers. [limi] - Added 'navRootItem' and 'navItem' classes to facilitate better skinning of the nav tree. [limi] - The body tag now has an HTML 'class' attribute, so you can skin different sections of the site with different styles. Prefix is "section-" and then the Short Name (partial URL) of the item in the root folder. This can easily be customized if you want this to work on all levels instead of just the root level, or to return multiple classes. [limi] - Backported fix for getObjSize() should handle floats. [stefan] - Applied patch from Missing form fields should not cause user prefs to be set to None. [stefan] - Added a simple check for the existence of the template 'global_languageselector' - this will allow the different multilingual implementations to hook into the area just below the documentActions to display language switchers. Macro name should be 'language' inside the template. See PloneLanguageTool for an example. This is the recommended location for language switchers. [limi]