to Plone 6 Sprint - November 4th 2022

On November, join us with another renewal sprint. renewal sprint November 2022

Plone community is aiming for renewing to the Plone 6 version in 2022.

The preliminary plan was presented at Plone Conference 2021

Status on 10/2022: beta site available, migration tested, content work needed.

Main ideas and status

  • is a vital way to promote new Plone 6
  • is going to be migrated to Plone 6
  • The visual theme will be slightly customized but somewhat close to out-of-the-box experience
  • Content needs refreshing: frontpage, many main landing pages

Background info

Read more at:

Todo next

At the sprint, we have a running beta site, ready for content work. Technically, there is a ready-made theme and needed blocks here:

Content work

  • Work on the homepage
  • Work on any main section
  • Work on any subpage
  • Make content on new case studies
  • Work on the current production site to ease upcoming migration
  • Test the new buildout, work on any technical fixes or theme improvements
  • Curate and look for good images to use from
  • Help to test the new site

Technical work

  • Another, final migration
  • Fixing found issues on the new theme (contrast issues and other)

How to participate in the sprint

  • Open-ended event on - work at your own timezone however you wish!
  • Check the presentation and the background info above
  • Read Sprint Document and add your name and topic to the list
  • Join the discussion on the #ploneorg channel at Discord with a join link:

    • Both chat and ad hoc audio meetings
    • Join Discord calls at
      14.00 CET on Friday, for status updates and discussion
      17.30 CET on Friday, for status updates and discussion
      Or at any time you like using the voice channel on Discord
  • You may contact and ask for more info

See you there!