Bonn Beethoven Sprint 2017

An official strategic sprint to work on plone.restapi and the Headless CMS project in Bonn, Germany.

The Beethoven Sprint is an invitational sprint taking place March 3-5 at the kitconcept office in Bonn, Germany. The focus of the sprint is to work on plone.restapi, plone.server and the headless CMS. Beethoven Sprint has been designated a “strategic” sprint by the Plone Foundation.

14 Plone developers from eight different countries will gather in Bonn to advance the vision of Plone's future as a headless CMS. We plan to create a technical roadmap and project plan to prepare the discussion that will take place in Sorrento at the Plone Open Garden. In addition we plan to work on:

  • The future of plone.restapi and plone.server (long term planning, how to keep the APIs tested and in sync)
  • API design decisions
  • Implement new features for plone.restapi, plone.server and plone.client
  • Angular2 tutorials/SDKs/libraries
  • React tutorials/SDKs/libraries
  • Documentation, tutorials, etc.

For more details, visit the official sprint website.