Plone Open Garden 2017 in Sorrento, Italy

For over a decade, the Plone Open Garden event has been held in beautiful, sunny Sorrento, Italy.

Once again, we will host the Plone Open Garden event in beautiful Sant'Agnello, Italy, only one Circumvesuviano train stop away from Sorrento.

We will be at the lovely Hotel Mediterraneo; the event will be held April 18-22, 2017.

Our discounted pricing will be

  • two bed rooms: 140€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • three bed rooms: 150€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • four bed rooms: 180€ for whole room, including breakfast and dinner

(The discounted prices apply to the night of April 17, so you can arrive that day, through to April 22).

Registration is open ONLY UNTIL FEBRUARY 28!


Please use the registration form (in English or Italian) to let us know you are coming. 

Room sharing: if you'd like to share a room, please fill out the room sharing form

About the February 28 deadline

Reservations are required by that date in order to secure the advertised rates. If you do not confirm your reservation by then, they can not guarantee you will get the rates listed on the PLOG website. Reservation is a two-step process:

  1. Sign up at We collect this information to try and satisfy your preferences as to room-sharing, then pass fully-formed room occupancies on to the hotel.
  2. The hotel will contact you directly requesting confirmation and a credit card authorization.

After step 2, you are registered, and this has to happen before Feb 28.

Sprint Topics

PLOG has traditionally been mostly discussion oriented, and less so about coding. We will sprint on:

  • the new Plone headless CMS initiative: help us develop the product marketing, documentation, branding, targeting around Plone+RESTAPI and plone.server
  • Plone 6 roadmap discussion
  • organizing & documenting & "contextualizing" the installers and deployments of Plone (distributions, Bitnami/Amazon/VMWare images, Docker containers)
  • Zope 4 (coding as well as documentation & marketing)

Other sprint topics are welcome! 


Hotel Mediterraneo pool view