Participant Goals

We asked participants to pair up and talk for one minute each about one thing they'd like to be true at the end of the Plone Strategic Planning Summit 2008. Each person wrote something down on a sticky note and we collected them all on flipcharts.

* Reduce learning curve for new developers * Better integration story at low end * Better strategy for add-on products * Define target market for Plone / Plone should be #1 choice for education, government * Integration * Ten core values of Plone which other decisions can be based on * An action plan for improving the non-technical challenges (easier use of Plone out-of-the-box by non-developers) * Approachability for new integrators (e.g. themeing, content types, etc) * Clear marketing direction * Roadmap * Approach to balance new features & stability * A commitment to clearly communicate "the Plone way" to developers of customizations * A vision for radical simplification emerges, with a champion to carry that vision. * Plone working groups * Sexyness for young developers * We know what we want * I'd like to have a clear understanding of what my niche should be as a new contributor to Plone * Identify main focus areas for Plone and have champions (or proxies) for each * More accessibility to corporate buyers via hosting, training, certified developers * Understanding of competitive threats * Professional deliverables - more process, who is doing what * A plan to get funding for major, structured development efforts * Re-evaluating in light of changing technology * Come up with a way to structure documentation better * Structure/accountability * A clear, shared Python/Zope story for Plone * Improve approachability for new developers (TTW, new developers guide) * A plan for someday transitioning from Archetypes to Zope 3 content types * Better telling the story of what Plone is good for * Schedule the next Summit! We need to keep the discussion going. * Plone decides if it is a product, framework or platform. Determines how it fits into the world; clearly expresses its goals & ambitions. * Roadmap for through-the-web content type development * Consensus around a development plant o clarify Plone as a product or framework * More clarity (and maybe fewer choices) about development goals * New relationships * Define success for Plone-the-product and Plone-the-community * Clarity on "product or framework" * Share vision of basic Plone marketing communication and find community tools to ease the effort * Have a marketing strategy and dedicated resources to develop the potential of Plone worldwide * More granular packaging