Next Actions and Champions

We ended the summit with "dotmocracy" exercise to prioritize our follow-up action steps. Then, we identified champions to carry forward each action.

Alex Limi's summary email to the list said:

I expect people will expand on these when they start mailing the list

as champions, but I'll offer an overview and some definitions:

What it means to be a champion:

  • A champion is the person responsible for moving a focus area

    forward, and reporting progress.

  • Champions should have come up with a plan for how to proceed and

    posted that plan to the development mailing list no later than

    February 18th, 2008.

  • Being a champion does *not* imply that he/she is going to do the

    actual work — it's about being the responsible person for that focus

    area. Of course, there are cases where the champion is in fact the

    person that implements the solution too.

Next steps for champions

1. Within one week (by Feb 18) email plone-dev and announce yourself as a champion
2. Define the task, the deliverables and what success looks like
3. Put forward an action with a timeline
4. Solicit engagement and action

What it means to be a proxy

- When people were identified as possible champions that were not present at the Summit, we assigned the responsibility to contact that person and/or look for a champion to a person that was.

It's tracked in Trac!

All issues exist in Trac, and you can add yourself to CC there if you're interested in tracking the progress on a particular issue. Trac will be used to indicate ownership and keep a running log of progress.

A permanent overview report exists here:

It's now your responsibility to:

  • Contact the champion if you can offer development help or any other form of assistance.

  • Give feedback and suggestions once the champions start announcing their intentions to the list.

If you are a champion or proxy: Make sure there is an email to the

list within a week that outlines the current plan.

The focus areas


# Create a process to research, collect and report end-user interface issues to the UI Team.

Champion: Kurt Bendl

# Document integration story for non-Plone development, e.g. use Grok and integrate auth + theme when Plone is not appropriate

Champion: Martin Aspeli

# Add user-configurable ratings support to Plone.

Champion: Alec Mitchell

# Make sure the "strategic integration" story with other systems is visible and documented, e.g. "Plone does CRM via Salesforce integration".

Champion: Andrew Burkhalter

# Make it easy to enable and disable features of core Plone (e.g. portlets, content rules) through the Plone control panels, and improve the add-on install experience.

Champion: Hanno Schlichting

# Integrate add-on ratings in PSC, so products on can be sorted by rating — as well as self-certification of major areas like unit testing, i18n support, etc.

Champion (suggested): Alex Clark

Proxy: Matt Bowen

# Improve Framework Team process: Framework team blog, include integrators on the team, peer-review the PLIPs.

Champion: Matt Bowen

# Improve release procedures for add-ons on document a release process, and create release tools for packaging and uploading products from the command line.

Champion (suggested): Tarek Ziade

Proxy: Lennart Regebro

# Create a working, repeatable organizational structure for working groups / SIGs that will promote Plone in specific Foundation-blessed markets.

Champion (suggested): Chris Calloway

Proxy: Kurt Bendl

# Create material that teaches people how to do screencasts and put them up on

Champion: Nate Aune

# Create a plan to help local user groups market Plone and Python to local university students — talks, mentoring, publicize internship opportunities, university sprints.

Champion: Matt Hamilton

# Nightly benchmarking scripts and reports for Plone

Champion: Jarn

# Make standard file content types use ZODB BLOB support.

Champion: Andi Zeidler

# Finish Plone eggification.

Champion: Hanno Schlichting

# Experiment with alternative template languages, produce benchmarks and numbers if there is reason to believe significant speed-ups can be accomplished.

Champion (suggested): Helge Tesdal

Proxy: Hanno Schlichting

# Create a buildout for Repoze + Plone.

Champion: Chris McDonough

# Improve Plone's import/export story, investigate dump and reload as alternative migration strategy.

Champion: Raphael Ritz

# Create and maintain a VMWare image of Ubuntu running Plone for evaluation and demonstration purposes.

Champion: David Glick

# Create a collections of Personas to represent common use cases for integrators

Champion: Eleonora Borelli

# Make Kupu more powerful and capable of handling rich media, make the  overall experience better

Champion: Alexander Limi

# Fix low-hanging bugs in ArchGenXML based on list of common newbie mistakes.

Champion: Joel Burton

# Improve keyword management and tagging interface.

Champion: Brian Gershon

# Put together a team to produce a plan for the refactoring or move-to-Z3 aspects of Archetypes

Champion: Tom "Spanky" Kapanka

# Create a "Start Here" newbie page for documentation area. Create a process for — and execute — a way to user-test documentation to evaluate whether it is suitable and effective.

Champion (suggested): Darci

Proxy: Donna Snow

# Documentation: Create diagrams of the Plone stack and a focused API overview

Champion: Martin Aspeli

# Documentation: Add support for — and identify — topic owners in documentation area.

Champion: Steve McMahon

# Documentation: Come up with a suggested Information Architecture for the documentation (including topic/version/task)

Champion: Laura Trippi

# Investigate options for static HTML deployment of Plone sites

Champion: Ken Wasetis

# Create a "minimal Deliverance theme" which demonstrates Plone themed using Deliverance. Should be suitable for a base to start from when doing this on customer sites.

Champion: Chris McDonough

# Create a cross-platform Plone Controller that uses web pages running in a separate process to provide the controller functionality.

Champion: Andy McKay

# Create an index/overview/repository for available buildouts

Champion: Tom "Spanky" Kapanka

# Newly installed Plone sites should have thumbnails + links to quality alternative themes

Champion: Joel Burton

# Support an official and complete web services API (REST)

Champion: Sally Kleinfeldt

# Get rid of access rule on Windows, and supply detailed instructions of the various ways you can make Plone answer on port 80 instead.

Champion (suggested): Sidnei

Proxy: Alan

# Improve membership and memberdata handling. (e.g. either addable and editable properties, Membrane as part of core, or similar)

Champion: Wichert Akkerman

# Unify/simplify template/view/image/CSS customization, and make it clear when to do this, and when to use Deliverance

Champion (suggested): David Convent

Proxy: Alexander Limi

# Create a group of "integrator liasons" that actively seek integrator feedback to encourage more testing of alpha and beta releases, especially regarding upgrade issues.

Champion: Donna Snow

# Support through-the-web creation of content types and forms with possibility to continue development on file system.

Champion: Martin Aspeli

# Ship with more themes OOTB, possibly organize theme sprints if/when Deliverance is delivered ;)

Champion (suggested): Veda Williams

Proxy: Jon Stahl

# Create a "Plone Inspector" that unifies and integrates various  developer tools to make it easier to "peel back the layers" of Plone


Champion: Lennart Regebro

# Create a strong page compositing story for Plone

Champion: Calvin Hendryx-Parker

# Promote Deliverance as the branding/"corporate ID" mechanism

Champion: Paul Everitt

# Make sure all installers use Buildout as their base, and are  consistent across platforms. Create a story for integrating Buildout recipes.

Champion: Steve McMahon