T. Kim Nguyen: Rolling out Plone to a campus: a grass-roots effort

A talk at Plone Symposium East 2009. Track B, 10am, May 28.

In this session I'll describe how we were able to convince an entire campus to use Plone, one early adopter at a time, until we began to loom large on everyone's radar; how we got the ball rolling with little to no funding; how we suddenly got a lot more funding and what sorts of issues that came with; how we have pieced together a scaleable process for deploying Plone for 400+ sites; what skills and roles we have on our team; the server and software configuration we have used; skin and other products we developed; issues and solutions for the problems we encountered; management processes required to keep everyone on the same page. Our deployment is a work in progress but we have come so far in just one year!

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