Training at Plone Symposium East 2009

Training is scheduled for the 2 days before the symposium, that is, Tues May 26 and Weds May 27.

Overall training schedule

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All training sessions will be held at the Smeal Business Building. There will be signs to help guide you.

Trainer(s)Brief descriptionTuesday May 26Wednesday May 27

Chris Calloway

Python for Plone

Summary: A crash course in Python for beginners taught by interactive examples. This is a shortened version of my 5-day PyCamp and teaches how to program the Pythonic way.

This is not a course on the Plone API, nor intermediate Python, nor advanced Python.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: $300

Audience: Neophyte Plone integrators

Prerequisites: This is a hands-on class. You will want, if possible, to bring a laptop with Plone installed. You will need to know how to use a text editor. It doesn't hurt to know basic computer concepts like what a variable or a loop is.


Joel Burton

Best Practices for Plone Development

Summary: A hands-on, interactive course demonstrating current best practices for Plone site creation and customization. In this course, we will build a typical university department site, demonstrating and explaining Plone content type creation, workflow, theming, and deployment.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: $300

Audience: New to Plone, Intermediate Plone

Prerequisites: This is a hands-on class. You will want to bring a laptop (instructions for the setup will be provided prior to class). Students should be familiar with HTML, CSS, and web design. No Python skills are required..


Donna Snow

Plone Prettification: Creating a Plone 3 skin product

Update May 22nd: Training has been cancelled by trainer for personal reasons.

People registered for this class may instead take Joel Burton's class. To do this, cancel and re-register. Don't worry if you have problems doing this. Just email support AT and we can fix it for you.


Gerry Kirk

Agile workshop: making good teams great in tough economic times

Summary: Many Plone companies are small organizations trying to find ways to be competitive and to keep costs down during these uncertain economic times. Agile case studies show that teams can increase return on investment up to a factor of 8x over traditional waterfall teams.

Most of the day will be spent using learning games to teach Agile values and processes, Scrum in particular. Games are a proven fun, interactive way to actually learn what is being taught.

Duration: 1 day (Wednesday)

Cost: $250

Audience: Anyone with experience of working in teams of 1 or more

Prerequisites: No experience with Agile required


Chris McDonough

Tres Seaver

Paul Everitt

Developing Using repoze.bfg

Summary: Are you a Python web developer who thinks there might be some great stuff hidden away in Zope but you consider it inaccessible to you because you feel that Zope imposes too many foreign concepts for your tastes? Are you a more-or-less happy Zope developer that has the nagging feeling that much of Zope is unnecessary baggage for your current project? Maybe you're a Plone developer who feels that Plone is unsuitable for one of your current projects because it's far too large and complicated?

This tutorial will present repoze.bfg, a small web framework in the spirit of Pylons.

Duration: 1 day (Wednesday)

Cost: $75

Audience: Developers

Prerequisites: Basic Python