Jordan Baker: Hone your TestFu

A talk at Plone Symposium East 2009. Track A, 5pm, May 28.

link to video

Geared towards developers, this presentation walks you through developing a simple Plone 3 product using geared towards a Test-First approach.

Tools covered will be plone.reload, roadrunner, pdb, zope.testbrowser, and mocking tools.

Techniques covered will things such as:

  • An overview of common Zope & Plone testing tools and add-ons
  • Learn tips and tricks to make your debugging sessions more productive
  • pdb-fu (python debugger)
  • testrunner options to speed up testing
  • using plone.reload for exploratory testing
  • use roadrunner to speed up running your testcases
  • write functional test case with zope.testbrowser
  • work around some common problems with pdb and eggs like missing source code
  • enable detailed logging during test runs

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