Joe DeLuca: Plone and online education at PSU

A talk at Plone Symposium East 2009. Track B, 5pm, May 28.

link to video

This presentation will review the state of online education at Penn State with an emphasis on how Plone is being used to support the various course models.

The session will cover:

  • The different online models in higher education (traditional, blended, completely online)
  • Specifications for courses compared to those for department/college/organization web sites.
  • How Plone has been used to support traditional classroom learning. A review of the motivation for these projects, the value added by the collaborative portals, the successes and the problems encountered along the way.
  • How units at PSU have used Plone to deliver courses that are offered completely online.
  • What else is happening in this space with other technologies (most notably Drupal)
  • The importance of integration with the university's LMS (e.g. Angel) as well as the need to play well with other tools offered at the university.
  • A bit about the state of World Campus, including the progress of our research with Plone.
  • An assessment of the potential gains and pains as we consider how Plone might fit into the World Campus technology stack.
  • A review and demo of the products that have been developed to support online learning.
  • A demonstration prototype "course" in Plone - whatever that might be at the time of the symposium.

The conclusion will focus on the progress made and the challenges we face in coming months as we attempt to leverage Plone in the online education space.

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