Chrissy Wainwright: Understanding Plone 3 viewlets

A talk at Plone Symposium East 2009. Track A, 9am, May 29.

Video link


  • Creating a folder for the templates
  • Overriding viewlets using zcml (the hard way)
  • changing the zcml, viewlets,py, template, viewlets.xml
  • how to find the information you need to properly do the override
  • Overriding viewlets using z3c.jbot (the easy way)
  • installing z3c.jbot
  • naming scheme
  • reasons why this way will not always work
  • Moving a viewlet to another part of the page
  • will show an example of moving a viewlet to another viewlet manager
  • Hiding viewlets
  • Creating a custom viewlet

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