Final Countdown to Symposium

Approximately 48 hours until New Orleans Symposium

2 Days till Symposium

The mad crunch of getting all the materials from everyone is complete.  The Symposium T-Shirts look really slick.  The design is inspired by the current state of New Orleans. Fortunately the symposium is taking place is on the corner of Bourbon Street and Canal Blvd -- this area was a part of the lucky 20% of the city that did not flood.  By all accounts, this years Mardi Gras was very successful and we are trying to followup on the community spirit by having the Symposium this week, March 8-10.

Overall Organization

This year we are keeping it simple.  We have two tracks, and approximately 19 talks plus Lightning Talks each day.  There will be four tutorials, each running aprpoximately 3 hours on the first day.  Lightning Talks are happening at the end of each day, except the tutorial day.  This gives everyone time to present new ideas, solicit feedback from the audience, and show off tips learned from deployments of Plone.

A new Symposium page was put in place.  Hopefully this will serve as a new template for future Symposiums and Conferences.  We will keep all information relevent to the New Orleans Symposium on the website for easy discovery and reference in the future.

Presentation Changes

Unfortunately several of the presenters had to cancel.  Two of them were for family health events.  One of them was because a nuclear power plant (his client) was deploying the software his company had been working on for the past year.  Others were from scheduling conflicts that were unresolvable.  I believe we have replaced all the presenters with people who have unique insights and will provide keen perspective in their subject areas. 

Can't Make It?

Fear not!  We will have audio/video recordings which we will upload the after we digitize them.  You can see previous audio/video from Plone events by looking at

I look forward to seeing you at the Symposium,
Alan Runyan