Talks focusing on development, support, and use of the Plone platform.

March 9, 2006 — 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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9:00 AM **State of Plone** *Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi* Opening keynote talk on the State of Plone. Co-founder talk about whats exciting around the world with Plone.
10 AM **Alternative Templating with Zope** *Chris McDonough* meld3 is an HTML and XML templating system for Python which enforces strict separation between template markup and dynamic rendering logic. meld3 can be used as an alternate to ZPT for both Zope 2 and Zope 3. 10 AM **Business Consulting with Plone** *Tom Parish* How Plone enabled an "SEO Guy" to successfully field mutlple websites for clients in 2005 from solo professionals to enterprise scale projects. I'll be covering blogging, podcasting and the importance of RSS for websites and why Plone makes this easy.
11:00 AM **Ad Banner System** *Clayton Parker* Six Feetup lead technical developer, Clayton Parker will discuss the newly released Ad/Promotion Engine developed at Six Feet Up. Clayton will discuss ad strategies, application in production and best practices of ad management using the PromotionEngine component. 11:00 AM **Open Source CMS Landscape** *Seth Gottlieb* Seth will talk about how Open Source fits into traditional IT departments, their reaction to Open Source solutions, and what FOSS software offerings are catching IT's eye. In addition, he will discuss how Plone 'fits' into this environment and IT department's expectations.
12:00 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM **Introducing CMF 2.0** *Tres Seaver* The architect of the Content Managemnt Framework will discuss the new features of CMF 2.0. Possible Zope 3 libraries that will be used in the future. And pratical application experience of using CMFSetup in production. 1:30 PM **Open Source and Legal Issues** *Ron Chichester* A top-notch lawyer [and law professor] who has counseled open source companies, such as Software in the Public Interest, Inc. (Debian), for-profit corporations, the Plone Foundation with guidance before SFLC, and all around brianiac (who uses Zope and Plone in his law practice). Ron Chichester will give a survey about Copyright, Trademark, Patents and How/Why Open Source should play with the legal system.
3:00 PM **Bling!** *Benjamin Saller* Bling! You want Plone, You want AJAX, you don't want to have to learn a lot of new things or worry about crossplatform code. Bling! lets you add dynamic effects and data exchange using only new TAL tags. Inspired by Ruby on Rails and Prototype, Bling! offers an out of the box solution for automatic client-side form validation, async page update, effects and much more. 3:00 PM **Open Source in Construction: Digital Plan Room** *Mark Torres* OSS is great, but how can it be useful to you? This presentation will focus on the corporate case: creating/managing an intranet, and the how's and why's of the digital plan room using Plone and Enfold Desktop. Early estimates put our annual savings at around $250,000, and our indirect cost savings in business efficiency and cost avoidance puts us well above that figure. This talk will help you get a program like this off the ground.
4:00 PM Lightning Talks - 30 minutes; 6 presentations each 5 minutes.

March 10, 2006 — 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM **Business Perspective**

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9:00 AM **Bedfellows: culture, community, and business** *Andrei Codrescu* For two decades NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu has been living in and writing about his adopted city, where, as he puts it, the official language is dreams. How apt that a refugee born in Transylvania found his home in a place where vampires roam the streets and voodoo queens live around the corner; where cemeteries are the most popular picnic spots, the ghosts of poets, prostitutes, and pirates are palpable, and in the French Quarter, no one ever sleeps.
10:00 AM **Putting a new look on Plone and keeping accessibility** *Alexander Limi* Plone 2.1 has a lot of features that focus on skinning, accessibility and debugging. Alexander Limi — co-founder of Plone — will lead attendees through the latest CSS and skinning features of Plone 2.1 and how to easily make Plone sites look the way you want them to. 10:00 AM **Mechanisms to Promote Free Market and Open Source Software Innovation** *Dr. Geoffrey Parker* We examine openness in private and socially optimal licenses in an environment where network effects and multiperiod innovation are both possible. For private firms, we model a variety of business models from completely closed to fully open and find that opening a platform can increase profits based on network effects exclusively, innovation exclusively, or both. A firm's ability to control downstream innovation gives it reason to rationally behave more like a social planner and even tolerate free user access under certain conditions.
11:00 AM **Content Delivery with Entransit** *Andy McKay* Entransit™ offers to both physically and logically separate content management from content delivery. Andy McKay will explain the Entransit system, benefits of it, how to install it, downsides of it and the general roadmap for 2006. 11:00 AM **Compliance Management using Banyan** *Munwar Shariff* Banyan "audit-proofs" compliance programs by creating links between statutory and contractual obligations, the policies and procedures to meet those obligations, and the objective evidence required to demonstrate compliance. The talk followed by a DEMO of Banyan Engineering Information Manager, which was implemented using Plone 2.1 and next generation web technologies such as AJAX Dojo Toolkit. Banyan is made open source this week and hosted at Sourceforge.
12:00 AM LUNCH
1:30 PM **Debugging Zope** *Cameron Cooper* Basic and advanced debugging techniques. Everyone will benefit from logging, reading tracebacks, verbose security, the debug console (on both Windows and Linux), and use of the Python debugger, pdb. Deeper magic includes transaction introspection, debugging spinning processes, ZPublisher debugging, and dealing with broken objects. 1:30 PM **Integration not Isolation** *Alan Runyan* Success of software projects must be measured over the long term - extendibility, scalability, upgrade path, etc. While a great deal of software is available for the Zope/Plone software stack, how can organizations be assured of an upgrade path in the future? Integration to "best in class" software solutions for searching, payment processing, membership management, and other complex functions often provides more efficient and reliable long term solutions.
3:00 PM **Skeletor: the cosmic key for bootstrapping your zope project** *Whit Morris* Knowing how to setup for zope development is sometimes half the battle. Whit will cover how skeletor can help you be more efficient and effective and how you can extend skeletor to automate common development tasks. 3:00 PM **CASE STUDY: Disney, An Intranet Success** *Scott Kelley* Users managing content with Vignette was becoming expensive from a licensing and training cost point. Installing Enfold Server to run Plone on Windows was the stategy Disney's Enterprise Operations team took to offloading content creation and security management to individual business units. Then re-integrating the content back into their intranet.
4:00 PM Lightning Talks - 30 minutes; 6 presentations each 5 minutes.