Symposium Presentation Materials

Presentation Collateral that is available for the Plone Symposium in New Orleans 2005.

Following are the materials provided for the talks and tutorials given at this event. Not all talks and tutorials will have materials to distribute, and some will take a few days to appear. The symposium had three days, the first being tutorials, the second and third being talks. This list is arranged in this manner, further separated by tracks. There were two tracks each day. Tutorials See "the tutorials page": Track 1 Hands On: Building Extranets *Rob Miller* Hands On: Building a Deployment System *Alan Runyan* or *Sidnei da Silva* Track 2 Best Practices: Plone Development *Joel Burton* Thanks to everyone who came to my tutorial. I've posted an updated version of the handouts at The sample products used in the tutorial can be found at Hands On: Working with Plone's Layouts and User Interface Design Guidelines *Alexander Limi* Talks, Day 1 See "the tutorials page": Combined State of Plone *Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi* No Materials Track 1 SOAP Integration with Zope *Benjamin Saller* Tabajara, framework for information architecture (taxonomy builder) *Chalu Kim and Fabiano Weimar dos Santos* or - Quicktime movie of UML and Tabajara !PlonePAS, User Authentication *J. Cameron Cooper* Five - Zope 2 & Zope 3 in Harmony *Sidnei da Silva* Win32 and Zope *Mark Hammond* Zelenium *Tres Seaver* Track 2 Plone in the Enterprise *Bryan Simmons* Case Study: Rosetta Archive *Whit Morriss* Entransit Frontends *Zvi Boshernitzan, Brice Cave, Paul Tindall* No Materials Marketing Workshop *Christopher Johnson* No Materials Mozilla/XUL with Plone * Calvin Hendryx-Parker* Talks, Day 2 Track 1 ZODB Tips and Tricks *Chris McDonough* Illustration Types in Plone *Jeff Pittman* !CMFDeployment *Kapil Thangavelu* !ArchGenXML/UML and Plone *Nate Aune* Caching Strategies *Geoff Davis* Plone as Social Software and Ambient Art *Laura Trippi* Track 2 Case Study: Oxfam America *Alan Runyan* Case Study: University of North Carolina *Charlie Hitlin, Kapil Thangavelu* Open Source Licenses *Ron Chichester* Outside Perspective: Plone as CMS *Paul Tindall* Case Study: A Major Medical Association *Ken Wasetis*