Join the Plone Tune-Up Day on October 18th 2024

Plone Tune-Up is on the third Friday of the month, 00:00 - 23:59 CET/CEST. Join online to work together on Plone features and issues, just hanging out, or discussing the future of Plone.

Programming, documentation, marketing, infrastructure, learning Plone, content creation, discussions - all can be done during the day, whenever it suits you in your specific time zone.

Cannot spare a day or very busy? Then work just an hour, or stop by online to say hi to other community members. All help is appreciated and we hope this will also be and turn into a recurring social event.

Read more on the community forum post and the Recap of the previous Tune Ups.

Event date


Online, Discord, Github


Eric Steele

What to Work on?

Select from variety of issues or just pop up and help others on their topics, or join a discussion or planning.

Plone Tune Up Document

Plone issues to work on

Or come up with your own!

How to Join

Add your name and topics to the list in the Plone Tune-Up Day Document.

All communication using Plone Discord Channels

Community members will probably be in the Sprint voice/video/chat at various times throughout the day.

But there will probably be communty members in the Standup Voic Channel during the day.

New to Plone community?

Read more about Plone community and How to contribute.