Conference Session

Getting Dates with Plone: Connecting People with Events

By: Aaron VanDerlip

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About the session

This session will give an overview of the various add-on calendaring components for Plone and how to implement them to enable improved calendaring features on your Plone site.

We will show how to turn an ordinary folder or collection of events into a calendar-enhanced folder with a month, week and day view. We will demonstrate how to filter a list of events by keyword, nest a calendar within a calendar, and introduce Plone's new support for recurring events (events that occur more than once).

We will see how to leverage open standards such as the hCal microformat and iCalendar to import and export calendars in iCal, from such sources as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. This makes it possible for you to share calendar data with other websites, not just other Plone sites.

Lastly, we will explore group scheduling solutions and how you can get Plone to talk to a CalDAV server such as Apple's Darwin calendar server.

This is a Talk (45 min)