Just the facts Ma'am: What: *Panel discussion on making money with Plone* Chaired by:

Richard Amerman

Focusing on different business models, how to keep involved with the Plone project and give back to the community. Many of us are very committed to the Plone project but we also need to pay the bills. It would be ideal to build a business around Plone while still actively working on Plone and contributing products/docs to the community. Discuss how to structure a project around reusable components both existing and new. When: Wed Oct 15th 7PM Where: TBA (Probably the same venue as the tutorials) Who: Panel Chair

Richard Amerman

- Consultant at

RBA International

and owner of

7 Tech Northwest

-- Richard left school on the road to music, teaching, and physics, but over time has found himself primarily working as a developer and analyst for the past 11 years. While he often finds himself spending much of his time developing with Microsoft technologies during the day (way too much time) he splits his evenings and weekends between Plone and music. RBA International is an information technology engineering firm. They provide project management, software product development, IT management consulting, and technology staffing on both a local and global basis. They specialize in eCommerce, banking, logistics, telecom, and manufacturing systems. 7 Tech Northwest is a new venture consisting of Richard and his wife Libby (mslibby in IRC) dedicated to providing solutions using Plone. They are both active in the Plone project, much of it in documentation. Panel Members (List not final)

Paul Everitt

- Minister of Propaganda, Head of

Zope Europe Association

-- Paul is responsible for coordinating the Marketing efforts of Plone. Paul was co-founder of Zope Corporation, serving in a number of positions, including Vice President of Products, CEO, and Chief Strategy Officer. Before co-founding Zope Corporation, Paul was an officer in the United States Navy. He received a degree in materials engineering from the University of Florida in 1990. In 2002, Paul moved with his family to Rennes, France to start Zope Europe. Paul holds at least 3 known international patents on juggling. Zope Europe Association (ZEA) is a non-profit focused on growing Zope business in Europe. The ZEA is in Soissons, France.

Mark F. Murphy

- Director Software Development,

Tyrell Software Corp

-- Mark has used his skills as a software developer and problem-solver to help survive and thrive during the bust periods of the tech industry, growing the client base by striving to exceed expectations, and making sure expectations are in line with deliverables. His knowledge and experience enables him to learn on the fly, and manage the entire software development of diverse, intricate technologies. Tyrell Software Corporation is a full-service solutions development firm, headquartered in Orange County, California. Tyrell has worked with both Fortune 500 firms in entertainment, e-tail, and technology, as well as smaller, non-profit, educational organizations in the public sector. Tyrell Software is an enthusiastic provider of hosting and services for the Content Management revolution. Tyrell maintains the Plone Mac Installer.

George Donnelly

- President,

-- George is from the United States but consider himself a citizen of the world. Trained as a historian at the University of Chicago, he now works full-time developing websites using Zope, XHTML and CSS, administering the servers and helping others achieve their internet goals. He speaks English, Spanish and a little German and Japanese. He is also active in rendering aid in the Plone-Users list.

Benjamin Saller

- Lead Engineer,

Abstract Edge

-- Ben brings to Abstract Edge his experience as one of the leading Plone developers in the world. He is the architect and author of Archetypes (

), a Plone-based framework for developing new content types with rich behavioral patterns, which has become a de facto worldwide standard. He has written a chapter of a book on Zope, and has presented his work at several Plone conferences. Ben has architected many of the more sophisticated development efforts at Abstract Edge.

Scott Paley

- CTO and Co-Founder,

Abstract Edge

-- Abstract Edge creates high impact interactive marketing solutions that inspire and empower customer evangelists. After AE created its 4th from-scratch CMS, Scott's team found Plone and fell in love. AE has been a Plone advocate ever since and has created some of the more uniquely designed Plone sites out there. Before co-founding Abstract Edge in 1999, Scott worked as an Advanced Technology Specialist at Computer Associates, working to create prototypes for some of CA's most cutting edge technologies, and as a Director of Partner Programs, working with software partners to integrate their Internet technologies with CA's high-end relational and object databases. Scott has a degree in Computer Engineering from Brown University. The search for a panel First it must be made clear that everyone participating (this means all attendees) in this event will be able to ask questions, pose ideas, and make statements. The panel is the focal point of the event and attempts to provide a small diverse representative group to share their experiences, answer questions, and exchange ideas. We are looking for about 3-6 people to be on the panel. We will be reviewing the attendees list and possibly even inviting someone or another who was not planning on attending the conference. If you as an individual or your company/employer has or is trying to make money using Plone, and would be interested in being on this panel, please let us know. More information and discussion on the panel can be found on the