Conference Tutorials

There will be one day of tutorials on October 15th

Registered and confirmed tutorials are listed below.

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9AM **Customising Plone's Look and Feel** *Alexander Limi* From the creator of Plone's visual appeal, Alexander will give an overview of Plone's very flexible UI is put together. Then he will dive into customising and altering a Plone site.
10:30AM **Introduction to Python for Plone developers** *Jim Roepcke* Interacting with Plone will require Python at some point and this tutorial provides a quick introduction to Python and using Python with Plone. Covering Python Scripts in Plone and scripting Plone, this is a vital tutorial for all Plone developers.
1 PM **Archetypes and Plone** *Benjamin Saller* From the designer of Archetypes, Benjamin Saller will guide you through the use of this amazing framework. He will also touch on the integration points into Word and Open Office and show you how your users can work from inside of Word/OO instead of editing with a web browser!
3 PM **Profiling, Benchmarking and Caching in Plone** *Andy McKay* Andy will show how to benchmark and profile your Plone Site to find slow spots and other performance issues. Then using some of many caching techniques he will show you how to improve the performance of your site.

We are scheduling a panel for the evening, location to be announced.

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7PM **Panel discussion on making money with Plone** Chaired by: *Richard Amerman* Focusing on different business models, how to keep involved with the Plone project and give back to the community. Many of us are very committed to the Plone project but we also need to pay the bills. It would be ideal to build a business around Plone while still actively working on Plone and contributing products/docs to the community. Discuss how to structure a project around reusable components both existing and new. More information "here":

All of the tutorial slots have been filled. If you are interested in presenting an idea to the conference there are 5 minute slots available in the Lightning Talk slot, or you could organize a Birds Of a Feature (BOF) during the conference. Please email us if you are interested in doing a Lightning Talk (5 minute mini-presentation) or setting up a BOF.