Talks focusing on development, support, and use of the Plone platform.

October 16, 2003 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM **DEVELOPMENT**

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9:00 AM **State of Plone** *Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi* Opening keynote talk on the State of Plone and it's past and present from one of its founders.
9:45 AM **Subversion and Plone** *Kapil Thangavelu* Architecture and Demonstration of Subversion version control system and Plone integration.
11:00 AM ** Innovation in User Interfaces** *Lon Boonen* The creator of Xopus, Queck and Lime will do a presentation on their latest creation, SPI. Lon is founding member of q42, a firm obsessed with user experience. It will finish with a demo of what SPI and Plone would look like when integrated.
11:45 AM ** Page Templates ** *Evan Simpson* From one of the creator's of Zope Page Templates comes a look at some of the more advanced Page Templates usage and techniques.
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM **Relational Databases and Plone** *Joel Burton* Everybody knows and uses relational database, this talk shows how to integrate Plone with them. The talk includes current database adaptors and Zope, APE, Archetype's SQLStorage, Caching and Performance and some relational database backend sites.
2:45 PM **Creating and editing objects in Plone** *Geoff Davis* Plone 2.0's infrastructure makes developers' lives easier. Geoff explains how to effectively use plone's form validation framework and object factory
4:00 PM **Enriching Plone UIs With XML ** *Paul Everitt* Paul looks at increasing usability and server performance by moving interaction from the server to the browser through XML and XSLT.
4:45 PM **Code Layers in Plone: A Framework for Human Augmentation** *Laura Trippi* "Human Augmentation" is a term from Doulas Englebart's research of the 1960's on the process of bootstrapping - incrementally off-loading tasks and processes onto increasingly complex computer systems. I'll be using his work, along with research on distributed cognition, to look at the way that Plone fosters integration across various code layers and views of the software environment. With that, communication among design/development/user communities also deepens, enriching the design process at every level.

October 17, 2003 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM **PRODUCTION**

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9:00 AM **Localizing Plone** *George Donnelly* So you have a Plone site, great can everyone read it? These days localisation is a key factor in any site this talk shows localisation techniques and Plone uses.
9:45 AM **Scaling Zope** *Chris McDonough, Zope Corp.* Straight from the lessons Zope Corp. has learnt in scaling Zope, Chris will discuss to scale Zope to handle large volumes of traffic using Squid, ZEO and other techniques.
11:00 AM **Case Study: Media Asset Management** *Sean Upton*, the online presence of The San Diego Union-Tribune, uses Zope and Plone as a foundation for a diverse range of content management applications. This talk describes a particular digital/media asset management system we have been building that stores news articles, photos, sports agate, and other media content in placeless repositories.
11:45 AM **Case Study: Plone as Groupware** *Rob Miller* An analysis of the Burning Man Extranet, a team based collaboration system built with Plone that enables over 700 users, distributed among over 60 teams, to work together to annually produce a temporary city of 30,000 in the Nevada desert. Rob will discuss the challenges faced and the strategies used.
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM ** Case Study: Using Plone in the Connexions Project ** *Brent Hendricks and Cameron Cooper* The Connexions Project at Rice University provides free online access to collaboratively developed educational materials. Connexions uses Zope/Plone to deliver 18 different courses to institutions around the world in such varied fields as Digital Signal Processing, Bioinformatics, and Music. This presentation will cover our experiences converting our site to CMF/Plone, the Plone extensions/customizations we've made, and features we would like to see in future Plone versions.
2:45 PM **Transparent Project Management with Plone** *Richard Amerman* How Plone has enabled us to create project web sites that go way beyond a simple bulletin board for project information. We use tools like CMFCollector, CMFForum, Discussion, custom workflow, and others to create a live environment where ALL project participants can collaborate on a daily basis. The results include reduced work on paper deliverables, grater level of transparency to the project, and greater access to information by all parties
4:00 PM **Lightning Talks** *Everybody* Lightning Talks gives you 5 mins to say briefly something that has excited about Zope, Plone or Python. A quick paced, light hearted chance to hear each other. But beware the gong... if you wish to participate please head over to the "request page":/events/conferences/1/request
4:45 PM **Future of Plone** *Paul Everitt* Closing keynote talk on Plone and it's future from Paul Everitt, Zope and Zope Corp. founder and director of the Zope Europe Association.

All of the presentation slots have been filled. If you are interested in presenting an idea to the conference there are 5 minute slots available in the Lightning Talk slot, or you could organize a Birds Of a Feature (BOF) during the conference. Please

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if you are interested in doing a Lightning Talk (5 minute mini-presentation) or setting up a BOF.